The Programme of Study

Be Ambitious – Study Programme and Careers

Sixth Form Study Skills Booklet

Sixth Form Knowledge Organiser

Study Periods

In order to support our Sixth Formers to make good progress, we provide students with nine supervised study periods – three periods per level three course. Students are given specific guidance on how to make the most of these hours and are taught a range of study skills by their tutors, which are refreshed on a half termly basis.

During study periods, students have access to the online Sixth Form Study Platform, into which subject teachers store wider reading material, resources and tasks that students can complete independently in between lessons. Subject teachers guide students towards appropriate sections of the platform via Satchel One’s Flexible Task option. Study Periods are not used for homework, but as time to embed course content and improve their wider knowledge around their chosen subjects.

At all times, our Sixth Form Student Supervisor supports and guides students on the best way to learn and manage their time.

For students who are at risk of not making expected progress, we offer bespoke support, coaching students to organise their study periods, providing weekly check-ins with class and homework.

The Tutor Programme

Our Tutor Programme provides students with a range of opportunities to broaden their interpersonal skills and prepare for life beyond Sixth Form. Through the Personal Development Curriculum, students explore transitional stages, relationships and personal safety and health, whilst also developing awareness of issues commonly faced by 16-18 year olds. We source a range of external providers, such as HSBC banking group, to help students understand financing and ensure sexual health and safety sessions are delivered in line with our Safeguarding and local NHS support.

Brighter Futures

Each half term, Sixth Form timetables are suspended to take part in Brighter Futures sessions – this provides students with experiences and opportunities related to Higher Education and career opportunities. Students take part in mock interviews with university outreach and local apprenticeship providers; they meet up with former students through our ‘Meet the Undergrad’ marketplace; and they learn vital skills in preparation for the work experience programme.

Scholar’s Programme

This year, we are delighted to offer students timetabled sessions in our new Scholar’s Programme. Guided by our Post-18 Co-ordinator, students in Year 12 and 13 are given advice, support and guidance to find the right pathway for their Future. The programme gives all students the tools to research different university and apprenticeship pathways, with on-hand expert advice from the co-ordinator. At all times, students are able to receive the latest information on open days, course requirements, entry exams and interview coaching. We do all that we can to enable students to go on to study on a meaningful course or training provision, regardless of their starting point.