Beyond the Classroom

Our enrichment programme has been designed to enhance the academic curriculum and expose students to a broad range of ideas and activities

Literature Lectures

Run by the English Department, join in on virtual lectures from prestigious universities across the country from the comfort of your classroom. 

Theatre Support

Join our tech team during shows to provide vital back stage support. 

Sixth Form Football League

New this academic year, our Sixth Form will be taking part in matches on a weekly basis, with a view to challenging other Sixth Forms across the city. 

Inter-MAT Debate Society

Mrs Peden and Miss Kureczko will be helping to hone your persuasive skills in an upper school debate team. We want to encourage you to confidently express your opinions and challenge the views of others in school and across the MAT. 

Book Club

No genres are off limits in this club. Join Mr Buxton and Miss Kureczko as they discuss literature and experience new worlds and opinions. 

Next Level Team

Empower the Catholic vision across the school through charity and works of service. 

Academic Writing Club

Sights set on studying at University? Attendance at our academic writing club will help take your essay and application quality to new heights. 

Culture Club

Our school takes pride in the diversity of cultures and ethnicities. Help us to find new ways to celebrate our school’s beautiful variety.