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Labour Market Information

Why do I need this information?

The Labour Market gives you clear information about your area’s current working environment. It is a collection of data designed to allow you to understand what opportunities are available to you. This information is based on local trends and allows you to understand where there are areas of demand in the economy.

What are the careers of the future?

Understanding a rapidly changing job market can be difficult. Choose from any of the links below to help you understand how careers are likely to change in the future based on existing facts, trends and ideas.

Careers of the Future – Careermap

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home – icould

Nomis – Official Labour Market Statistics (nomisweb.co.uk)


What does Labour Market Information tell me?

  • What jobs and skills employers are looking for.
  • Which industries are hiring and where they are located.
  • Where to find employers who are hiring.
  • What working conditions are like for specific industries.
  • What education and training you need for specific jobs.
  • What factors can stop you from getting a job.
  • Which job areas are growing in the future and other statistics.

Thinking critically and ethically, what is happening in the labour market that I might want to be aware of?

When you are entering into employment, there may be some moral and ethical values that you have personally; you may wish to see these values reflected and respected by your employer and the business that they operate.

Here we have a list of links to blogs exploring the impact of UK business in relation to a range of moral issues and dilemmas.

Corporate Watch

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TUC: Trades Union Congress