Uniform and Equipment

All Students in Years 7 – 11

Caps/Baseball Hats may be worn outside only to protect against the sun. On very cold days, winter hats to keep warm may be worn outside only, and only if they do not cover the face. Hoodies are not allowed, under any circumstances. Scarves may be worn outside the academy buildings, in cold weather.

  • Academy Blazer with embroidered academy badge**
  • Academy clip on tie (in year group colour)**
  • White shirt/blouse* (with plain, white underwear underneath)
  • Mid-grey pleated skirt deemed by the academy not to be excessive in any way (see notes); no lycra or straight skirts. Skirts must not be rolled up.
  • Mid-grey tailored trousers* – no kick flares or other fashion trousers; no lycra; no cropped trousers
  • Plain black shoes (see below)
  • Black or white ankle socks or plain black tights. Knee high socks are not allowed.

Optional Item

If required, a grey jumper, V-necked, long sleeved (with academy logo)** may be worn under the blazer for extra warmth in the Winter and Spring terms. (See Summer Uniform note)


  • Trousers must not be charcoal or black. No kick flares or other fashion trousers.
  • Skirts must have pleats but not splits. The required length of the skirt is knee length – skirts deemed by the Academy to be excessively short or long are not acceptable, on the grounds of smartness or Health and Safety.
  • Footwear should be plain black, low heeled or flat shoes – not platform soles or stiletto heels. Boots may not be worn in the academy. Sports training shoes are not allowed except for PE.
  • Shirts must be tucked in, ties pulled up to the neck, and top button fastened.
  • Coats – There is no alternative to the wearing of the academy blazer. The only coats allowed are plain top coats which can only be worn over (and not instead of) blazers.
  • Belts, if required, must be plain black. Only those with small plain buckles are allowed.
  • All jewellery to be removed for PE lessons due to health and safety guidelines.

September 2024
Year 7 
       Green Tie
Year 8        Orange Tie
Year 9        Red Tie
Year 10      Yellow Tie
Year 11      Plain Blue with Yellow St Benedict Monk

Years 12 & 13 Dress Code

The following items are considered suitable for wear in the academy and for travelling to and from the academy. Bold patterns, bright colours and bold logos are considered inappropriate, and must not be worn.

Male Students

  • Tailored plain jacket and matching tailored plain trousers or tailored suit – plain or thin pinstripe
  • Collared plain shirt
  • Tie
  • Shoes – not trainers

Logos/slogans are not permitted on any item of clothing, apart from the academy badge.

Female Students

  • Tailored plain jacket and matching tailored plain skirt or trousers, or a tailored suit – plain or thin pinstripe and collared plain blouse
  • Female students may wear a tie, especially if a sixth form tie is introduced.
  • Shoes – not trainers

All students must wear a security badge which includes a photograph

PE Wear

Compulsory Items

  • Black football shorts (Royal blue will still be allowed)
  • White polo shirt* (academy logo or plain white polo shirt)
  • Trainers (no high tops or canvas shoes)
  • Black football socks* (Royal blue will still be allowed)
  • Shin pads
  • PE Rugby shirt with (academy logo)** Boys only

Optional Items

  • Black/ Navy Blue tracksuit bottoms / leggings (no cotton legging)
  • St Benedict PE hoody with academy logo – to be worn only in PE lessons
  • Astro turf trainers


  • For health and safety reasons long hair must be tied back – both boys and girls.
  • Hair must not have patterns, shapes or be dyed with bright or unnatural colours.  Only natural hair colours are allowed.  If in doubt, check with the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher before having a cut/treatment.
  • Any hairstyle or dress which, in the view of the Headteacher or his authorised representative, may cause others fear, or which may cause excessive comment or distress, will not be allowed, to help prevent bullying and support community cohesion.
  • In all cases shaved heads, except for medical reasons required by a medical doctor, are not permitted.

NOTE: Any issue of appearance that the academy believes will impact on the Health and Safety of the pupil concerned, or others, will not be allowed.


  • One flat smooth ring is allowed.
  • Ear-rings must not be worn for health and safety reasons. A single stud in each ear lobe is allowed.
  • Nose and teeth/tongue studs/jewels are not allowed, nor are any other form of facial or body piercings or decorations. If a student is unable to remove a piercing, they will be provided with a blue Health and Safety plaster to cover it, until they are able to remove it.
  • Only clear nose studs are allowed. Any other nose stud must be covered by a plaster.
  • All jewellery to be removed for PE lessons, due to health and safety guidelines.

Make Up

  • Years 7 – 9: No makeup at all is allowed. No false eyelashes.
  • Years 10 – Upwards: Discreet, natural makeup is permitted.
  • Years 7 – 11: Nail varnish or extensions are not permitted. 
  • Pupils need a school bag suitable for carrying exercise and text books. The bag should be large enough that books can be kept flat and strong enough to protect the books in it. Small pouch-like bags should not be bought, and bags must not be carried by a strap work around the neck with the bag loose.  Straps must have an arm through them for health and safety reasons.
  • Permitted Footballs/Basketballs etc. must be carried in a bag or carrier bag. Failure to do this will result in confiscation.
  • Food may only be eaten in authorised areas.
  • Plain water only, may be drunk in lessons. Also, during hot weather, you should fill your water bottles before school starts and only refill them at break and lunchtime.
  • Chewing gum is not allowed in school.
  • Pupils are expected to dispose of any litter in the bins provided.
  • In Years 7 to 11, mobile phones, personal music players and other unsuitable mobile phone devices are not allowed in the academy.  If a student is seen with one of these items, it will be dealt with under the academy’s discipline policy.  The taking of photographs with phones or other devices is forbidden.
  • Aerosols are not allowed in school and if confiscated will only be returned to a parent or guardian.
  • Pupils are asked not to bring expensive items or large sums of money to school. If circumstances mean that this is unavoidable, items should be left with the School office where they can be locked in the safe and collected at the end of the day.

Uniform Suppliers

All uniform and kit can be purchased from the following suppliers:

Morleys Schoolwear

St Mary’s Retail Park

446 Nottingham Road



DE21 6PE

Tel: 01332 281311

Uniform Direct

54 Babington Lane



Tel: 01332 342 569