Saint Benedict’s considers E-Safety to be a fundamental aspect of educating young people in modern Britain. We have E-Safety at the centre of safeguarding and seek to educate the children in both the positive aspects and risks associated with the online world of today.

The Curriculum

Pupils will be taught about online safety as part of the curriculum. The academy uses the Education for a Connected World framework to support the delivery of E-Safety within the pastoral curriculum, and is supported across other subject areas such as Computer Science with regular topical discussion and revisiting of knowledge and understanding of the online world.

Topics covered are age appropriate, and support our pupils in navigating the online world in a safe and secure environment.

1. Self-image and Identity
2. Online relationships
3. Online reputation
4. Online bullying
5. Managing online information
6. Health, well-being and lifestyle
7. Privacy and security
8. Copyright and ownership

Social Media

As a school we promote the positive aspects of social media and support the children in understanding the value in these platforms. We would like to remind parents that there are age restrictions for applications which can be seen below. We strongly advise that parents adhere to these age restrictions for the safety and well being of their children. There is a wealth of advice available to parents on security measures in access to these sites at South West Grid for Learning and the NSPCC Net-Aware website

Mobile Phones

We would like parents to support the school in following the mobile phone policy. This policy is in place to help maintain a safe environment for the whole school community. We have 3 basic rules that we ask all pupils to adhere to during school hours, which are 8.40am-3pm;

  • Mobile Phones are not allowed to be used during school hours.
  • Mobile Phones should be switched off during the school day.
  • Mobile Phones should be kept in school bags during the school day.

Failure to follow these rules may result in your child having their mobile phone confiscated. Please see the school Mobile Phone Policy for the confiscation procedures.

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