Beyond the Classroom

As We Begin To Emerge For The Restrictions Of Covid-19, We Are Delighted To Be Able To Reintroduce A Selection Of After School Activities For Students. We Hope To Expand This Menu Gradually Throughout The Term And To Be Fully Operational In The New Academic Year.

Beyond the Classroom Gives Students The Opportunity To Make The Most Of The Wonderful Facilities On Offer In The Academy, Outside Of Curriculum Time.
Lunchtime and after school clubs and activities offer enrichment and learning support, as well as allowing students to enjoy spending time together, in a safe environment. The programme contains a wide range of activities including: sports, fitness, music, performing arts, study support and social activities.
Students will be notified of additional opportunities or changes in programme via our weekly Newsletter which is emailed directly to pupils and parents.

Frequently asked questions:

Can students participate in all of these activities?

Each activity listed will have details of the students that the activity is available to ( Year group/ gender/ subject specific) Where no details are specified the activity is open to all year groups.
Can students join in an activity mid way through the term?

In most cases the answer to this is yes, as we encourage student participation. The exceptions to this will be where students are rehearsing for a performance, or a course of instruction is partway through and it is felt that a new member of the group would not be able to catch up. Or in some instances where teams have been selected. It is advisable for students to check with the teacher/ department responsible, before attending the first session if an activity is ongoing.
What should students who are taking part in lunchtime activities do about finding time to eat?

Many of our activities permit students to eat a packed lunch in the classroom whilst taking part in a session. Please not NO food is permitted in science labs, IT rooms or in sports areas, including the all weather pitch. The school canteen offers a wide range of hot and cold snack foods which are available at break time as well as lunchtime, allowing student to eat a more hearty snack at 11am or to select snack food at break to take into the lunchtime activity. Foods available at break include chicken burgers, hot pasties, pizza slices, sandwiches, wraps, cookies and a election of bottle soft drinks and water.
How does my child get home if they stay for an after school activity?

Parents who wish to collect students at the end of the day are free to drive onto the site and park in the bus bay area after 3.30pm. Please drive slowly and be aware of students moving around the site. There is a FREE bus service running on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The bus leaves the school at 4.20 and runs two different routes (Westbound and Eastbound). Both of these services end at the Bus Station in Derby city centre and details of the routes can be found in the Newsletter.


We want every student to enjoy the extracurricular activities on offer and whilst we appreciate that students are accessing these sessions in their free time, we do have expected standards of behaviour. This includes respect for the member of staff leading the activity and for all their fellow participants. Students must follow instructions, adhere to all safety advice and behave appropriately. Students will be warned about their conduct if they do not comply and if the poor behaviour persists they will be removed from the session. In extreme circumstances students may be removed from all extra curricular activities if their behaviour poses a problem to other participants and staff.


Please note that whilst we will make every effort to keep sessions running on a regular basis, it may on occasional be necessary to cancel sessions due to school events, staff training or absence . Where a certain number of participants are required in order to run an activity, if numbers fall below that threshold, it may be necessary to cancel for the remainder of the term.

The extra curricular activities listed in this offer are updated every half term. Please contact the member of staff for more information should you have any questions.