The complaints coordinator for Saint Benedict is the Deputy Headteacher, Claire Goggin.

Stage 1 – Informal concerns or complaints

Concerns or complaints should initially be discussed informally with the relevant member of staff, for example the subject teacher or forum tutor with a view to resolving the issue.

The member of staff will make a note of any agreed actions and record these on the Academy Information Management System.

If the complaint has already been discussed with the member of staff, or that would be inappropriate, a senior manager (this could be the Headteacher or another senior manager) will discuss the complaint again with you with a view to seeking to resolve the matter informally.

The Academy would expect the vast majority of concerns or complaints to be resolved at this early stage.

In the unusual event that your complaint remains unresolved after discussions with the appropriate member of staff then you may put your complaint in writing and this will be handled under Stage 2.

For further details of Stage 2 complaints, please see the Academy Complaints Policy.

Complaints Policy And Procedure