School Buses

Please click the link on the right of the page to download a copy of the bus timetables for this academic year.

If you have any questions regarding the bus timetables, please contact us on 01332 557032.

NOTTS AND DERBY (£2.00 per single journey, or £3.50 for two trips, with B-Line card*)

*reflects price increase from the 1st March 2022

Home to School Travel Assistance

Parents are now able to apply for Home to School Travel Assistance for the 2021-2022 academic year by completing the application form on the right hand side from Derby City Council.

To qualify you must:

  • AND, live more than two miles, but less than fifteen miles walking distance from Saint Benedict CVA. Please note that the application form lists six miles as the upper limit on distance, however this is extended to fifteen miles for faith schools including St Benedict CVA.

Further information is available on Derby City Council’s website.

Please complete one form per household rather than one form per child.

Travel assistance applications do not roll over, a new application is required each year. Please submit a copy of the new form to renew if you have received transport assistance in the last academic year and remain eligible.

Forms must be submitted by the end of July to guarantee bus passes are received by the beginning of the next academic year. Any forms submitted after this date will be processed as quickly as possible but cannot be guaranteed.

To request a paper copy of the application form by post, please call Derby City Council on 01332 642 725. Forms can also be collected in person from Derby City Council House.