Modern Foreign Languages

Curriculum Intent

The MFL curriculum will provide its students with a broad and detailed understanding of the world in which they live. Students will learn what it means to be a global citizen in today’s society – both in and out of the UK.

In keeping with the school’s Catholic ethos, the MFL curriculum teaches students about many other cultures, and demands that its students are respectful, and indeed celebratory, of the different cultures, traditions and countries about which they are taught. Students will learn about the key elements of other nations and the aspects which make up their national identity. This includes their history, geography, shared stories, festivals and traditions, Arts and music – all of which make up the rich heritage of the countries and languages taught.

Students will also study key aspects of Personal Development through the MFL curriculum. This includes online safety, the impact of technology in society, careers which require bilingualism, healthy living, social issues such as the environment, unemployment, charity etc. and all of these aspects are delivered within the framework of British Values.

Furthermore, the curriculum will teach its students the knowledge of one or two additional languages, enabling them to become powerful, articulate communicators in another language. Students will learn strong communication skills and be able to express opinions on a range of topics in another language. In order to do this, students will learn key aspects of grammar – knowing how language works in both English and another language. They will learn extensive, specific vocabulary, and thereby gain confidence in expressing themselves in their speaking, writing and reading in another language. Students will learn how to listen to each other and to use this skill to further develop their own speaking skills – structuring debates and arguments.

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