Curriculum Intent

Students will learn to become independently numerate with a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, including number, algebra, geometry, statistics and proportional reasoning.

They will learn to apply these concepts to differing problems and gain an appreciation of the interconnectedness of mathematical principles. They will learn to apply numeracy skills to a variety of problem-solving situations including real world context and purely abstract settings. Students will learn how mathematical principles will apply to their financial, domestic and vocational lives, including budgeting and planning for an event. Students will learn the value of numeracy as a transferable skill in future employment.

Students will learn how to use technology alongside mathematical understanding to determine solutions. The ability to use mathematical skills creatively in a range of circumstances will prepare them to lead a mathematically competent life in a wider world.

Students will learn how the advance of mathematics has furthered the progress of human civilization. They will learn about how individuals and cultures have contributed to mathematics and have an opportunity to use maths to understand real world problems with a moral context, such as climate change.

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