Students at Saint Benedict Catholic Voluntary Academy are celebrating their GCSE results today.

Mrs Boyce, Headteacher at Saint Benedict, said: “We are very pleased with our results and they reflect many hours of hard work from our students and staff.

“60% of students achieved maths and English at grade 4 or above which matches our 2019 results.

“Results in Science, History, Music, Dance, Engineering, Food and Business Studies are also extremely strong.

“Three quarters of all students are able to access Level 3 qualifications as a result of their achievements today. This is a phenomenal success.”

Franco Afriyie achieved grades ranging from 4 to 5.

He said: “I didn’t feel very confident after my exams and I was worried that I hadn’t passed some of them. I am pleased to pass English Literature and Language and this means I can go on to do what I want to do next.”

Anna Quince-Fleming achieved grades ranging from 7 to 9.

She said: “I thought my exams went well but last night I felt really nervous.”

Anna is going on to study Geography, Media and English Combined at Saint Benedict.

Matthew Mosley achieved grades ranging from 7 to 9.

He said: “I thought my exams went well but not this well.  I’m really happy with my results.”

Matthew is staying at Saint Benedict to study Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

Manjott Basram achieved 9s, 8s and a 7.

She said: “I felt so nervous today as some of my exams were really hard. I felt sick this morning. I am just relieved and shocked.”

Manjott is staying at Saint Benedict to study Chemistry, Biology and English Literature and would like to study Dentistry at university.

At the beginning of Year 11 Brooke was diagnosed with ADHD and despite all of the challenges she has faced, she secured 5s in all of her subjects.

These fantastic grades mean that Brooke will be able to move on to the next exciting stage of her life. Well done Brooke!