Saint Benedict CVA is committed to supporting the health and well being of all of our pupils. We work together as a community to support each other and help to address many of the concerns that young people are faced with in modern Britain. Together with a supportive Pastoral Team, the Safeguarding staff are always available to discuss concerns related to health and well being, and our open door policy allows pupils to feel safe and at ease in sharing their worries. This page is has been developed to further support pupils and parents in offering further guidance specifically related to health and well being.

Mental Well being

As a school we promote the work conducted by agencies such as The NSPCC and Young Minds in supporting young people in managing and living with mental health conditions. We talk openly and honestly as a school in all aspects of mental health and are proud to support our young people.

Current Concerns

Many pupils will be feeling anxious regarding the return to school and there will be lots of change happening that they may find difficult to cope with. Attached its a great resource for parents to access to support children during such uncertain times. There are practical tips of things that you can do to support your children during this time.

Anxious about Covid-19

Coping with Change

Parent Leaflets

The following leaflets are available from Young Minds to offer practical advice in supporting the mental health of your children. Click on the icons below to access these information guides. Access to more information and links to external agencies can be found on our dedicated A-Z of Support Page.

Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Mental health support free line telephone number 0800 028 0077

Young Minds Home Page

Help with issues concerning young people.

Physical Well Being

The physical health and well being of our pupils is of equal importance. Pupils recieve a well balanced curriculum in both Key stage 4 and 5 Physical Education that aims to prepare them for an healthy active lifestyle beyond their school days. We promote healthy lifestyles as part of the pastoral curriculum and regular topics on healthy eating help to promote the balanced lifestyle we wish to promote.

Parents Guide to Screen Time

NHS Eat Well Guide

Sleep Tips for Teenagers from The NHS

NHS Guide to Physical Activity

NHS Couch to 5k